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YCT-08 Table automatic round bottle lableing machine

Short Description:

The table vertical economical round bottle labeling machine works for labeling the circumference of round bottles, labeling single-label products, such as gel water round bottles, food round cans, etc. It’s widely used in cosmetics, food, medicine, Disinfection water and other industries.

Product Detail

Full auomtaic packing machine solutions

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Product Application:

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Applicable labels: self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive films, electronic supervision codes, barcodes, etc.
Applicable products: round bottles with a diameter between 25mm and 90mm.
Application industry: Widely used in medicine, food, toys, daily chemicals, and other industries.

Additional functions:

① Optional automatic rotary bottling machine.
② It can be directly connected to the production line to realize automatic bottling and improve production efficiency.
③ The optional ribbon coding machine can be added to the label head, and the production batch, production date and expiration date can be printed at the same time. Reduce packaging procedures and greatly improve production efficiency.
④ Automatic feeding function (combined with product consideration);
⑤ Automatic material collection function.
⑥ Increase labeling device;
The adjustment method is simple. It adopts the sponge labeling method, which can be labeled according to the product positioning. The labeling accuracy is high, the quality is good, and the speed is fast. It is difficult to see the error with the naked eye. It is the best choice for high-yield products.

working principle:

The PLC processes product signal and label signal ,then outputs signal to the traction motor to start labeling.

Labeling Process:

Put bottles on the conveyor → The products are transmitted by the conveyor belt → The product sensor detects the product→ PLC receives the product signal and start labeling→ the conveyor belt send the labeled products to the collecting plate.

label production requirements

1. The gap between the label and the label is 2-3mm;
2. The distance between the label and the edge of the bottom paper is 2mm;
3. The bottom paper of the label is made of glassine, which has good toughness and prevents it from breaking (to avoid cutting the bottom paper);
4. The inner diameter of the core is 76mm, and the outer diameter is less than 200mm, arranged in a single row.
The above label production needs to be combined with your product. For specific requirements, please refer to the results of communication with our engineers!


Technical parameters:

Parameter Date
Label Specification Adhesive sticker, transparent or opaque
Labeling Tolerance ±1mm
Capacity(pcs/min) 25~70pcs/min
Suit product size(mm) Φ20~φ90; Hight: 30-280mm
Suit label size(mm) L:15-150;W(H):10-80mm
Machine Size(L*W*H) 1000*650*550(mm)
Pack Size(L*W*H) 1100*700*600(mm)
Voltage 220V/50(60)HZ;
Power 940W
N.W(KG) 70.0
G.W(KG) 100
Label Roll ID:Ø76mm; OD:≤200mm


1.Small place for the machine, very economical round bottle labeling machine with powerful functions, it can realize single labeling of round bottles with different diameters and sizes
2.Touch screen control, human-computer interaction interface with operation teaching function, parameter modification is intuitive and clear, and various function switching is simple;
3.Intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, with no object no labeling, no label automatic correction and label automatic detection functions, to avoid wasting labels and missing labels;
4.High stability, advanced electronic control system composed of programmable PLC + Weilun touch screen + needle electric eye + label electric eye, supports long-term operation of equipment;
5.Sturdy and hygienic, mainly made of stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy, with firm quality and in line with GMP production requirements;
6.It has automatic shutdown function, production counting function, power saving function (when there is no production within the set time, the device will automatically switch to power saving standby state), production number setting prompt function, parameter setting protection function (parameter setting is divided into authority management ), to facilitate production management;
7. Optional functions: ①Hot coding/jetting code function;





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